Projects » Sustainable New Paltz Home

This project was new construction of a energy efficient small home on a private site.  Solar Electric system, radiant heating, high efficiency windows and doors, a wood stove, and dense packed cellulose insulation.

Almost finished! (rocking chairs not included)

Western corner. That large kitchen window lets in light that helps to warm the core of the home in Winter months.

South-West side. This house gets wonderful sunlight! Note the passive cooling large roof overhang on the south-west master bedroom!

Southern corner. Sliding doors leading to master bedroom. We also put a solar tube on the roof which lights the center of the house all day long.

Ah the proverbial House on a Hill! Long live the American Dream!

North Side. Most of the porch is pleasantly shaded. Solar array in yonder back yard :)

Site selection is one of the most important aspects of new home construction...especially if you are considering solar options. Our team can help!

This antiqued entry light with a high efficiency LED bulb uses only a fraction of the power needed for an incandescent!

White wainscoting reflects a lot of light back down so that you are in the shade but you still have a very pleasant amount of ambient light.

While the radiant heating is doing it's job well, a high efficiency wood stove gives this house the extra warmth for those cold, cold nights of winter.

Will built these benches from scratch for this custom breakfast nook! Even Martha Stewart would love em!

the floor in every room is polished gray cement. the solar tube above bathes this center hall with natural light.

master bedroom. slider to back yard. ceiling fans assist well when warming or cooling.